Come for the T-Shirt, Stay for the Product automatically “snags” bugs and allows users to easily monitor application errors.  I would not have tried their very easy-to-use service unless they had offered me a free t-shirt… which they did.

My slick shirt featuring the Bugsnag logo

All I had to do was sign-up (no credit card required), integrate their code snippet into my site (this site, in fact) and then capture one bug.  At the time, I was aware of a tiny bug I could trigger on-demand within WordPress.  I did so, and was immediately notified of the bug and could review it from their dashboard.

Sample screenshot from Bugsnag

A day or two later, I received an email from Bugsnag and integrated partner Printfection that allowed me to painlessly order my completely free t-shirt.  Since their plans range from free to $1000 per month, it’s probably worth the $10 or so to get a user to integrate their product and experience how well it works.

My interaction left me impressed by the simplicity of the offer, the quality of my t-shirt (free swag always feels nice), and with the performance of the service itself.  Go try it for yourself if you like.