Refresh Your Priorities

If you work in software or Project Management like I do, you probably see various priorities all-day everyday.  I use JIRA, which is an amazing and well-built suite for software development.  It’s not perfect though.

Here are the default priorities in JIRA:

JIRA default priorities
By default, JIRA priority icons and colors are extremely simple and somewhat muted .

The default priorities icons leave a lot to be desired. Maybe these work great for some folks, but I didn’t find them easy to recognize and they started to blur a bit when looking through reports.  I thought I’d design some of my own.  Here’s what I came up with:

The most obvious change is adding some splashes of color, but I also wanted the higher priorities to carry more visual weight.  As you move from lower to higher priorities, the colors change from cool to bright, grow vertically, and are increasingly opaque.

I’ve also added another level since a sixth tier works best for our needs. To complete the update, I also recommend updating the priority colors to the following:

  • #83cecf
  • #a9d935
  • #e6ca2e
  • #e6922e
  • #f20000
  • #ff0096

Please take these as use them as you like.  Enjoy!